Did She use Moss to Jam your WiFi?

Wifi Jammer

If you want to block government internet snooping in the space around you maybe you should have an improved version of the moss-powered necklace she is wearing!

What is a Moss-Powered Necklace?

Any photosynthesising plant theoretically can be used as a biological power source. University of Cambridge scientist Paolo Bombelli has found some interesting ways to capture and use small portions of the electrical power produced by plants.  See Plant Bio Electrochemical Systems

A Moss-Powered Wi-Fi Jamming NecklaceJakob Skote of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London (commonly known as the AA) designed and constructed a necklace containing four South African mosses named Andreaopsida, Bryopsida, Hepatopsida, and Sphagnopsia in an attempt to demonstrate a working application.

The idea was to have electrical power derived from the moss power a 2.4 MHz WiFi spectrum analyzer, jammer, and router. The spectrum analyzer would find all the 2.4 GHz channels being used locally. The router would them jam them and distribute its own “FreeFi” signals on all the other channels.

Maintaining reliable electrical contact in the moss power generating system was reportedly found to be extremely difficult. Furthermore, it wasn’t realistic at the current state of the art to expect the power obtainable from such a small amount of moss to be enough to power the required electronics.

Even so, next time you can’t connect to a coffee-shop WiFi you may want to have a chat with the gal wearing the strange necklace!

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