Facebook African Satellite

Facebook African Satellite

Facebook’s Facebook’s Drone Network project has seemed naive and unworkable to skeptics. Mark Zuckerberg also may have finally realized that, because he recently announced collaboration with Eutelsat to provide internet service to large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa by means of a new AMOS-6 satellite.

The satellite is currently being constructed. It is expected to be placed into a geostationary orbit and positioned to provide internet service to large parts of West, East and Southern Africa sometime during 2016.

That should be good news to people in those parts of Africa, but the plan has fierce critics who think think it will give Facebook and its partners unfair competitive advantages. Several other firms already provide expensive satellite internet service in those areas, but it is anticipated that Facebook’s service will cost significantly less.

Do you see anything wrong with competition driving down user cost?  Isn’t that one of the many advantages of free enterprise?


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