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Techies tend to be interested in, knowledgeable about, and proficient in electronicssoftware, networking, energy, medicine, weather, Earth, sea, space, mathematics, and everything else that is real or possibly real. However, you will know there is more to being a techie than just that if you are one of us.

Real Techies

Real techies are antisocial square pegs in the round holes of society. We learn early on to only give general answers to questions about what we do and then change the subject, to avoid intimidating or boring others with real answers they wouldn’t have patience to listen to or the necessary prerequisites to understand if they did.

Strange Bedfellows

As strange is it may seem, we share antisocial issues with people at the opposite end of the logical-reasoning spectrum who also don’t mesh with the central majority. Our tech world is solidly rooted in logic. Everything happens for reasons. We don’t always know the reasons, but we know there are reasons. Whenever anything happens that we don’t know reasons for, it drives us ‘nuts’ until we find the reasons.

Of course, we are outliers on the normal distribution of logical thought. Most people obviously aren’t bothered like we are about not understanding things. They switch on a TV. A full-color moving image appears like magic. They hear associated sound, like magic. To them it is the same as magic, because don’t understand how any of that happens, beyond extremely vague knowledge that signals are somehow magically (to them) being sent through the air or via some kind of cable.

No wonder people like that can be so easily persuaded to believe almost anything. To them, if moving color images and sound can appear like magic, why couldn’t almost anything happen similarly, like magic!

If we move from the majority in the middle all the way down the logical-reasoning spectrum to the extreme opposite end from us, we are in a zone where people are not only not bothered by not understanding, but purposely create illogical things. This is the world of creative arts with no logical basis other than existing because someone wanted to create them. Like our situation, many of these folks are too far out from the central norm to mesh socially with the majority.  So like us, they also are antisocial square pegs in the round holes of society.

Welcome to 4Techies!


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  1. Pablum for non-thinkers:

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    -Arthur C. Clark, British science fiction writer

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