Where’s the Cloud?

Cloud Storage

How can you con strangers into trusting you with valuable secrets, such as their bank account numbers and passwords, business records, personal information someone could use to blackmail them, nude photos, etc.?

Well, if you are a techie you already know an easy way. Simply offer them free cloud storage, or even better, maybe they will pay you to take that information and save it in the (your) ‘cloud.’

Where is the Cloud?

Internet Data CenterOf course, every techie knows the cloud is any unknown place. Putting something in the cloud simply means putting it in a place that is unknown.

It could be anywhere in the world. It might be in a large data center in China, Russia, or the U.S. It might be in someone’s garage, basement, or bedroom. Any publicly-obscured place is ‘in the cloud,’ so to speak, because it is a place that is unknown to users.

Why would Anyone do that?

People are willing to do that, because the average person has no clue about what ‘The Cloud‘ actually means.

It is a clever marketing gimmick. Large firms offer cloud storage, so it seems to most people that it must be a safe place to store things. Internet RouterThey wouldn’t give bank account information, confidential business records, their mother’s unlisted phone number, or other such confidential information to strangers.

Even so, because they have been conned by clever marketing into thinking ‘The Cloud’ is safe, they freely give it to total strangers who write mobile phone apps, throw-in free cloud storage with product offers, and most anyone else who simply offers free< or even paid, cloud storage.

Do you trust that your confidential information is safe in the cloud? If so, why?

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